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Friday, 09 November 2012 12:42
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FIDE is publishing the Minutes and Annexes of the General Assembly meeting that was held in Istanbul, Turkey, 7-9 September 2012.

Please download the Minutes in PDF format.

List of Annexes

1. Accounts for 2011 and certificate from Auditors
2. Notes to the accounts 2011
3. Income and Expenditure for 2012
3A.Proposed Budget 2013
4. Permanent Fund report
5. Verification Commission report from the meeting held in Athens in June 2012
6. Application from Togo Chess Federation
7. Application from Gambia Chess Federation
8. Application from Lesotho Chess Federation
9. Request from Kara Heritage Institute to become an affiliate
10A. Proposed FIDE Statutes
10B. Proposed FIDE Electoral Regulations
10C. Proposals regarding Commissions
10D. Proposal regarding financial regulations
10E. Proposal regarding official languages
10F.  Letter from Bulgarian, English and US Chess Federations
10G. Proposed FIDE Electoral and Financial Regulations and FIDE Statutes (presented at General Assembly in Istabul)
11. Agreement between FIDE and Agon
12. Appeal of the Bulgarian Chess Federation in respect of the bidding procedure for the Candidates matches 2012
12A. Request by the Bulgarian Chess Federation
13. Agenda for the Technical Committee meeting
14. Appendix 1 to Technical Committee Agenda
15. Agenda for the RTR Committee meeting
16. Final draft of the Laws of Chess
17. Agenda for the SPP Committee meeting
18. Appendix 1 to SPP Committee Agenda
19. Minutes of the QC Councillors’ meeting held in Warsaw, 11-12 April 2012
20. List of over-the-board-play titles to be approved by the General Assembly
21. Agenda for the Arbiters’ Commission meeting
22. Minutes of the Councillors’ meeting held in Athens, June 30 2012
23. List of Arbiters’ titles to be approved by the General Assembly
24. Letter from the Royal Dutch Chess Federation in respect of the licence fees
25. Proposals in respect of the classification of the Arbiters
26. Trainers’ Commission report and Minutes of the meeting of June 7 2012
27. Titles to be approved by the General Assembly
28. Rules for Trainers Awards 2011
29. List of Trainers’ Awards 2011
30. Exchange of correspondence in respect of Trainers’ seminar in Caldas Novas
30A. Tregubov case
31. Minutes of the Development Commission meeting held in Athens in March 2012
32. CIS Commission Chairman A-N.Yazici’s report
33. Proposals from WOM Commission
34. Minutes of the Constitutional Commission meeting in Lausanne, June 2012
35. Report of Ms. B. Marinello on Social Chess
36. Agenda for the Medical Commission meeting
37. Agenda for the Events Commission meeting
38. Minutes of the Events Commission meeting held in Zaozhuang, China, May 2012
39. Proposal of the Philippines Chess Federation regarding registration, transfer and rules of eligibility for participation in FIDE events
40. Proposal of Mr. I. Leong on FIDE Chess Oscar Awards
41. FIDE Calendar planner update
42. FIDE Calendar 2012-2013
43. FIDE Calendar 2014-2016
44. Proposal of Mr. S. Reuben regarding guidelines for events for inexperienced players
45. Proposal of the Turkish Chess Federation regarding players suspended in their respective countries
46. WCM Chief Arbiter’s report
47. WCM Appeals Committee Chairman report
48. Chief Arbiter’s and Appeals Committee Chairman reports on World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2012
49. Bid from the Estonian CF to organise the 42nd Chess Olympiad 2016 in Tallinn, October-November
50. Bid from the Bulgarian CF to organise the 42nd Chess Olympiad 2016 in Albena, September-October
51. Bid from the Azerbaijan CF to organise the 42nd Chess Olympiad 2016 in Baku, 3-18 September, and the World Cup 2015
52. Bid from AICF to organise the World Junior 2014 CC in Chennai/Mumbai/New Delhi, during the dates decided by FIDE
53. Bid from Turkish CF to organise the World Youth CC 2015 in Antalya, 1-12 November
54. Bid from Bulgarian CF to organise the World Youth CC 2015 in Albena, October
55. Bid from Greek CF to organise the World Youth CC 2015 in Porto Carras, Halkidiki, from 24 October to 5 November
56. Comparison table of the bids
57. Report of the FIDE Observer M. Petrucci
58. Letter from the Argentinean Chess Federation
59. Proposed Statutes for the African Continent
60. Proposal of the Turkish Chess Federation to ban the five FIDE Federations (French, USCF, Ukrainian, German and Swiss) till they reimburse legal expenses of FIDE in respect of the legal case 5 Federations vs. FIDE
61. Arbitration Award in respect of the legal case English and Georgian Chess Federations vs. FIDE
62. Exchange of correspondence in respect of the organisation of their Championship in Quito, Ecuador, 13-22 April 2012
63. Proposal of the Iranian Chess Federation to add Farsi language to the list of the official FIDE languages
64. Proposal of the Turkish Chess Federation to add Turkish language to the list of the official FIDE languages
65. Report of American Continental President
66. Bid from Armenian Chess Federation to organise the World Team Championship and Women’s World Team Championship 2015 in Jermuk, Armenia
67. Minutes of TASK Committee meeting
68. Proposal for Svetozar Gligoric’s award
69. Minutes of Commission for Women’s Chess meeting
70. Minutes of Trainers’ Commission
71. Report of SPP Commission meeting
72. Report of Social Projects meeting
73. Bid from Puerto Rico to organise 2016 World Youth Chess Championship U8,10,12,14,16,18 Open and Girls in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
74. Minutes of Verification Commission meeting
75. Minutes of Arbiters’ Commisson meeting
76. Minutes of Iberoamerican Chess Federation (FIBDA) meeting
77. Report of the Advisor for the Special Project “Chess for the Disabled”
78. Report of CIS Commission meeting
79. Report of Events Commission meeting. Appendix.
80. Minutes of Technical Commission meeting
81. Minutes of Medical Commission meeting
82. Minutes of RTR Commission meeting
83. Minutes of Development Commission meeting
84. Estonian CF bid withdrawal
85. Proposal of TAP. Appendix.
86. WOC prposals
87. ECU President report
88. Minutes of QC Commission meeting
89. Ethics Commission report. Appendix.
90. Report of Constitutional Commission meeting
91. Report of Continental President of Africa
92. Report of Commonwealth Chess Association meeting
93. Report of Continental President of Asia

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