82nd FIDE Congress Executive Board Minutes and Annexes Print
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 07:43

The Minutes and Annexes of the Executive Board meeting that was held from 15 to 22 October 2011 in Krakow, Poland.

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1. Press-release on the Commission on Modernisation.
2. Accounts for 2010 and certificate from Auditors.
3. Notes to the accounts 2010.
4. Income and expenditure for 2011.
5. Proposal to remove ceiling on tournament fees.
6. Permanent Fund report.
7. Verification Commission meeting in Athens report.
8. Application from Swaziland Chess Federation.
9. Application from Comoros Islands Chess Federation.
10. Application from Guam Chess Federation.
11. Application of Oceania Chess Confederation to join FIDE as an affiliated international organisation.
12. Letter from a lawyer and additional documents on FIDE World Chess Championship – international registration.
13. Proposal of the Bermuda Chess Federation.
14. Agenda for the Technical Commission meeting.
15. Proposed Laws of ASEAN-Chess.
16. Proposed Rules for Electronic Score sheet.
17. Agenda for the RTRC Committee meeting.
18. Agenda for the SPP Committee meeting.
18A. New swiss Wording.
18B. Proposal of General Secretary I. Leong in respect of Swiss Rules.
18C. Swiss Rules Comments.
19. Agenda for the QC Commission meeting.
20. List of over-the-board-play titles to be approved by the Executive Board. Addition.
21. Agenda for the ARB Commission’s meeting.
22. Proposal on Arbiters’ stipends.
23. List of Arbiters’ titles to be approved by the Executive Board. Addition.
24. Trainers’ Commission report and Minutes of 21st Telemeeting, September 5 2011.
25. The titles to be approved by the Executive Board.
26. Minutes of the CACDEC Development Commission meeting in February 2011.
27. Chess in Schools Commission Chairman A-N.Yazici’s report.
27A. Chess in Schools Commision presentation.
27B. Report of Chess in Schools Commission meeting.
27C. Letter from President of Moscow Chess Federation.
27D. FIDE School Chess Olympiad.
27E. Formal proposal for EB.
28. Agenda for the WOM Commission meeting.
29. Agenda for the meeting in Krakow and Minutes of the CON Commission meeting in Al Ain, June 3-4 2011.
30. Proposal from ICSC.
31. Agenda for the MED Commission meeting.
32. Prof. U. Blanco’s report on the World Conference against doping.
33. Agenda for the EVE Commission meeting.
33A. Report on the meeting in Athens.
33B. Terms of Reference.
33C. Regulations on Seminars and Title Award for Organisers.
33D. Regulations on Registration and Licensing of Players.
33E. Regulations on Registration, Transfer and Rules of Eligibility for Players.
33F. General Regulations for FIDE Competitions.
33G. World Junior U20 Championships.
33H. World Upper Youth U14, U16 & U18 Championships.
33I. World Lower Youth U08, U10 & U12 Championships.
33J. World School Championships.
33K. World Youth U16 Olympiad.
33L. World Senior Championships.
33M. World Amateur Championships.
33N. Rate-Card on Stipends for Technical Officials.
33O. Proposal to charge rating fees directly to the Organisers.
33P. Proposal to charge title fees directly to title holders.
33Q. Regulations on FIDE Caissa Awards.
33R. List of IO titles to be approved by the Executive Board. Addition.
34. Proposal of General Secretary I. Leong in respect of World Cup qualification formula.
35. Proposal of General Secretary I. Leong and Arbiters’ Commission Chairman P. Nikolopoulos in respect of guidelines for stipends for technical officials.
36. Proposal to amend the Olympiad Regulations regarding the Accommodation of the teams.
37. Report of the inspection by Messrs. Vega and Jarrett.
38. Report of Mr. Vega from the Americas' General Assembly and Calendar 2012.
39. Report of Mr. Jarrett on SportAccord.
40. Proposal of Prof. U. Blanco to officially recognise Chess as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
41. ICCF Titles.
42. Report of World Conference of Sport for All.
43. Report of Events Commission.
44. Report of World Cup 2011 Chief Arbiter.
46. Proposal of the Turkish Chess Federation on compensation for FIDE persons on per diem basis.
47. Bid from Romanian CF for the World Amateur Championship 2013.
48. Bid from South African CF for the World Youth Championship 2013.
49. Bid from Peruvian CF for the World School Championship 2013.
50. Bid from Singapore CF for the World School Championship 2013.
51. Bid from UAE CF for the World Youth Championship 2013.
52. Bid from Greek CF for the World Senior Championship 2013.
53. Bid from Greek CF for the World School Championship 2013.
54. Report of the Continental President for Africa.
55. Report of the Ethics Commission. Appendix.
56. Bid from Italian CF for the World Senior Championship 2013.
57. Arbiters’ Commission Report, October 16 2010.
57A. Title applications for approval.
57B. Titles/Norms from FIDE Arbiters’ Seminars.
58. Report of ECU President.
59. Report of Women's Chess Commission.
60. Report of Swiss Pairings Commission.
61. Report of Trainers' Commission report.
62. Report of Verification Commission.
63. Report of Qualification Commission. Appendix 1. Appendix 2. Appendix 3.
64. Report of Medical Commission.
65. Report of Rules and Tournament Regulations Commission.
66. Report of Development CACDEC Commission. Appendix 1. Appendix 2. Appendix 3. Appendix 4. Appendix 5. Appendix 6. Appendix 7. Appendix 8. Appendix 9. 
67. Report of Arbiters’ Commission, October 19 2010.
67A. FIDE Guidelines for Stipends of Arbiters.
67B. Proposal regarding Arbiters’ License.
68. Report of Technical Commission.
69. Proposed Budget 2012.
70. Report of Constitutional Commission.
71. Report of FIDE Advisor Chess for the Disabled.
72. Bid from UAE CF for the 2012 World Cities Team Championship for the Sheikh Zayed Cup.
73. Report of the Continental President for Asia.
74. Chief Arbiters’ report on the 2011 World Team Chess Championship.

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