89th FIDE Congress: General Assembly Minutes and Annexes Print
Thursday, 13 December 2018 08:06
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FIDE publishes the Minutes and Annexes of the General Assembly meeting that was held in Batumi, Georgia, 3-5 October 2018.

Download the 2018 GENERAL ASSEMBLY MINUTES (pdf).

List of Annexes

1. Audited accounts.
2. Commented accounts for the year 2017.
3. Fees paid to PB members in 2017.
4. Verification Commission report.
5. Proposal of Messrs. Makropoulos and Borg to establish a FIDE Advisory Board.
6. Proposal by Mr. G Borg, Chairman of Central Board of Commissions.
7. Proposal by FIDE Deputy President, Mr. Georgios Makropoulos, to establish a Commission on FIDE's relations with IOC.
8. Proposal by FIDE Deputy President, Mr. Georgios Makropoulos, and the President of the Ukrainian Chess Federation, Mr. Viktor Kapustin, to introduce in the FIDE Electoral Regulations changes.
9. Over-the-board titles applications. 
10. Proposal from Icelandic Chess federation for the rating of Fischer Random (Chess 960) Games.
11. Arbiters’ Commission’s meeting Agenda and Appendices.
12. Arbiters’ title applications.
13. Arbiters’ Awards.
14. Technical Commission’s Agenda.
15. Technical Commission’s Minutes of the Commission meeting in Prague, 5-6 May 2018.
16. Rules Commission’s Agenda for the meeting in Batumi.
17. Proposed Amendments to General Regulations for Competitions (old name: Competition Rules) – final version after discussion with other Commissions.
18. Minutes from the Commission Councillors' Meeting in Poland, 20-24 April 2018.
19. Systems of Pairings and Programs Commission’s Agenda.
20. Chess in Schools Commission’s report and Appendices.
21. Chess for Disabled Commission report.
22. FIDE Ethics Commission's report. 
23. IO titles applications.
24. Anti-Cheating Protection Measures.
25. Anti-Cheating Regulations.
26. Letter from the Governor of Colima, Mexico.
27. Chief Arbiter’s report for FIDE Women’s World Championship Match 2018.
28. Bid from Belarus Chess Federation for Chess Olympiad 2022.
29. Bid from South Korean Chess Federation for Chess Olympiad 2022.
30. Bid from Tunisian Chess Federation for Chess Olympiad 2022. 
31. Bid from Georgian Chess Federation for World Cadet Championship 2020.
32. Bid from Italian Chess Federation for World Cadet Championship 2020.
33. Bid from Italian Chess Federation for World Senior Championship 2020.
34. Bid from FYROM Chess Federation for World Senior Championship 2020.
35. Chief Arbiter’s report for World Team Championship 50+, 65+ 2018.
36. Bid from Greece Chess Federation for World Amateur Championship 2020.
37. Bid from Italian Chess Federation for World Amateur Championship 2020.
38. Agenda of the Medical Commission.
40. Americas Continental Report.
41. Minutes of Technical Commission.
42. Minutes of Commission for Women in Chess.
43. Minutes of Events Commission.
44. Minutes of Commission for Disabled.
46. Minutes of Medical Commission.
48. Letter from the Minister of Youth and Sports of Bulgaria & Application of Bulgarian Chess Federation 1928.
49. Minutes of Chess in Schools Commission.
50. Minutes of Trainers’ Commission.
51. Trainers’ Titles.
52. Minutes of Constitutional Commission.
53. Minutes of Fair Play Commission.
54. Minutes of Systems of Pairings and Programs Commission.
55. Minutes of Qualification Commission.
56. Minutes of Social Action Commission.
57. Minutes of Online Commission.
58. Minutes of Commission of Chess Journalists.
59. Minutes of Verification Commission.
62. Minutes of Rules Commission.
61. Minutes of AIDEF.
63. Minutes of Social Projects Commission.
64. Minutes of Central Board of Commissions.
65. Minutes of Arbiters’ Commission.
66. Minutes of Ethics Commission.
67. Minutes of Development Commission.
68. Minutes of African Chess Confederation.
69. Report of African Continental President.
70. Minutes of Asian Chess Federation.
74. Minutes of European Chess Union.
75. Minutes of American Chess Confederation.
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