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02. Zonal Tournament

02. Zonal Tournament

Annex A. Specific Regulations for the Men's and Women's Zonal Tournaments
Approved by the 1983 General Assembly.
Amended by the 1984, 1986, 1989, 1993, 1995 and 1998 General Assemblies.

7. Organization

The Zonal Presidents will be responsible for the organization of the tournaments in their Zones in conformity with the regulations. In the case of Sub-zones, the Zonal President may appoint a deputy.


When choosing the venue, the conditions, the publicity and the climate shall be taken into consideration as far as possible.


In exceptional cases the Zonal President may, with the approval of the FIDE Continental President for his continent, make adjustments in the allocation of players to the Zonal tournaments.


If in a Zone it is not possible to hold a zonal tournament under the conditions of these regulations, the Zonal President is empowered to hold the tournament under modified conditions.


As a general rule, a Men's and a Women's Zonal tournament should be organized simultaneously, by one and the same federation.


If the number of players in a Zonal tournament is 17 or more, the tournament may be played in preliminary and final stages

8. Participation

In each Zone, one Zonal tournament for Men and one Zonal tournament for Women should take place in order to select the players entitled to participate in the Men's and Women's World Championship.


Every participant in the tournament should be a member of the FIDE affiliated federation, which he is representing in conformity with the rules in C.05 for Participation in FIDE Individual Competitions.

8.3 ?

Upon registration for the Zonal tournament, players shall give to FIDE an undertaking to complete, save in the case of illness evidenced by a medical certificate.


The allocation of places in the Zonal tournament shall be decided by the Zonal President, with the approval of the relevant FIDE Continental President, on the basis of D.I.01, Sections 1.3 - 1.35, in the tournament regulations for the World Championship cycle. For resolving doubtful cases or protest, application should be made direct to the Chairman of the FIDE Qualification Commission.


Notification of the number of allocated places will be sent to each federation by the Zonal President, one year before the tournament is due to begin (January).


The Zone President may allot places to the top six (6) rated players in the Zone subject to authorization by their national federation. (GA '94)


Not later than six months after this notification (July), each federation must inform the Zonal President whether or not it intends to participate in the Zonal or Sub-zonal tournament.


The Zonal tournaments must be conducted according to FIDE standards for times and rates of play. The relevant Continental President of FIDE must approve the playing schedule.

9. Prize Fund

In every Zonal Tournament, at least 50% of the participants shall receive prizes.


The prize fund shall be at least 10,000 Swiss Francs for a Men's zonal tournament and at least 5,000 Swiss Francs for a Women's zonal tournament.


For a Sub-zonal tournament, the Zonal President shall decide the amount of the prize fund.


The first prize shall consist of at least 30% of the prize fund.


A federation, which constitutes a complete Zone, shall itself determine the amount of its prize fund.


If two or more players finish with equal scores, their prize money shall be shared equally between them.

10. Costs

Their national federations will meet the players' travelling costs; the organizing federation will pay for accommodation, meals and pocket money for the duration of the tournament.


Before the start of the tournament the organizers will inform the players of the exact amount of pocket money.


The organizers must provide free board and lodging for the Chief Arbiter, refund his travel costs and pay him a suitable honorarium plus pocket money for his work.

11. Appeals Committee

Before the start of the tournament, an Appeals Committee shall be elected.


This Committee shall consist of three members and two reserve members. Its members will be chosen by the players from their own number or from representatives of the national federations present at the tournament. The members of the Committee should belong to different federations (this requirement does not apply to any Zone, which comprises only one federation).


No member of a Committee is entitled to take decision in cases affecting a player of his own federation. Exception: federations, which constitute entire zones.


Protests must be submitted to the Appeals Committee in writing, not more than two hours after the end of the relevant playing session.


If possible, the Committee shall reach its decision before mid-day on the day following the protest. Its decision is final.

12. Qualification for the World Championship

Not later than one week after the end of the zonal tournament, the President of the Zone shall report the results to the FIDE General Secretariat.


If, in a particular Zone, no Zonal or Sub-zonal tournament has been held, this Zone will receive no place in the World Championship In special circumstances a decision will be taken by the Continental President who shall take a decision to nominate other players from the rest of the Continentt using the rating list as the basis of his decision.


If, in any tournament, a play-off is necessary between players with equal scores, the provisions of D.I.01, Section 5.14 shall apply.


The play-off shall begin two days after the end of the Zonal or Sub-zonal tournament, at the same venue.


If two players are involved, they shall play a match of four games.


If three or more players are involved, a tournament will be held among them. The number or rounds in this tournament must be fixed so as to guarantee at least four games for each player.


If the play-off results in a further tie, the provisions of D.I.01, Sections 5.15 and 5.16 shall be applied.

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