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Chapter 07 - The Presidential Board

7.1. The Presidential Board is the managing organisation of FIDE and is in charge of the day-to-day management of FIDE. It resolves on all matters not otherwise and explicitly reserved to another body by these Statutes. The Presidential Board exercises the rights of the General Assembly and the Executive Board between meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Board respectively. Such powers include taking decisions which require a three quarter majority vote such as Article 1.2.  However, the Presidential Board cannot take decisions on the following:
  • election of officials,
  • changes in Statutes,
  • changes to regulations of the Rules & Tournament Commission,
  • changes to regulations of the Qualification Commission,
  • changes to Electoral Regulations
7.2. The Presidential Board consists of the FIDE President, the Honorary President, the Deputy President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Vice Presidents, the four Continental Presidents, current World Champion, current Women`s World Champion and the Honorary Vice-Presidents. Honorary Vice Presidents are ex officio members of the Presidential Board without vote.  The Auditor shall be invited to all the Presidential Board meetings.  The Auditor should not be a member of the Presidential Board when he is elected by the General Assembly.
7.3. A Steering Committee consisting of the FIDE President, Deputy President, General Secretary, Treasurer and the two Vice Presidents elected on the Presidential ticket, can convene as necessary to discuss urgent and developing issues. All actions taken by the Steering Committee must be ratified by the Presidential Board. 
7.4. The Presidential Board should meet at least once every three months. In addition the FIDE President may at any time convene the Presidential Board for consultation in person or teleconference. In meetings of the Presidential Board, the quorum shall be 50% of the voting members.
7.5. The Agenda of the meetings of the Presidential Board, as well as the relevant documents, shall reach members at least one week before the meeting. Any other item may be excluded from discussion. Commission reports must be received two weeks before the Presidential Board. All decisions shall be given an alpha-numeric designation.
The final minutes shall be distributed to members of the Board no later than one month after a meeting is closed.
FIDE will publish the agenda and decisions on the FIDE web site.
Media: press@fide.com
General inquiries: office@fide.com

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