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Chapter 06 - Continental Associations

6.1 The General Purpose
The Continental Associations (hereinafter referred to as CA) are established under FIDE for chess development in each Continent.  Africa, America, Asia, and Europe have each established an operating organisation to strengthen ties between countries and establish mutual goals and representation. The CA will be responsible for the organisation of Continental championships under the auspices of FIDE.  The organisation of these Associations, elections of their representatives and the regulations of continental events shall be consistent with FIDE rules and regulations.  A copy of the CA statutes should be lodged with FIDE.
6.2 Members
Any National Federation on the respective Continent as defined in FIDE Statutes Art 2.1 is considered a member of the CA. Any International association can be accepted as an associate CA member with observer status.
6.3 Officials
Each Continental Association will be responsible for electing a President and Deputy President and 4 Representatives to the FIDE Executive Board, other officers elected by the CA may include, but not limited to, a Secretary and Treasurer. The CA shall notify the Secretariat of the results of the elections and the General Assembly shall take note. Each Continental President is a member of the FIDE Presidential Board and amongst his duties he shall report on Continental activities to the Presidential Board.
6.4 An appeal against a decision of a Continental President must be made in writing to the FIDE President with a copy to the Continental President. The Continental President must immediately send his comments to the FIDE President. When an appeal is made by a member federation it has to be signed by the federation's President. Otherwise it will not be considered. 
6.5 In matters concerning only the interests of the members of their continents and their Zonal Presidents, but not concerning the rights and duties of a member towards FIDE, the Continental Presidents have equal rights and duties towards the members of the continent or Zonal Presidents as the FIDE President has towards all members of FIDE.
6.6 Continental Assembly meeting
The Continental Assembly Meeting will be held on an annual basis. This meeting will be the official annual meeting at which time business of the Continent is conducted.
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