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Chapter 03 - FIDE officials and organs

1. The FIDE officials and organs are:

a the President
b the Honorary President
c the Deputy President
d the General Secretary
e the Treasurer
f the Vice Presidents
g the Honorary Vice Presidents
h the Continental Presidents
i the Zonal Presidents
j the Executive Director
k the Auditor
l the Chairmen of Commissions
m the General Assembly
n the Executive Board
o the Presidential Board
p the Secretariat
q the elected and appointed Commissions
2. The President and all other FIDE officials and organs are either elected by the General Assembly or appointed (i.e. nominated by the President and confirmed by the General Assembly) for a period of four years. If the FIDE Congress in the election year is held before or after the 4-year period expires, the term of office is equally shortened or prolonged.
3. The President can nominate up to five additional Vice Presidents, with a minimum of three, subject to confirmation by the General Assembly as described in the Electoral Regulations. The same number of Vice Presidents shall be elected by the General Assembly as described in the Electoral Regulations. 
4. The Presidential Board shall determine the location of the Secretariat and of any branch offices. The Secretariat is the main branch office of FIDE and deals with the administration of the organisation and receives all bids for events and notifications from members.
5. Only the General Assembly may create additional FIDE official positions and organs.
6. The Annual Congress includes the meetings of the Commissions, Executive Board and, when applicable, the General Assembly and Presidential Board. It may also host meetings of affiliated organisations such as the Continents.
7. Whenever any FIDE official has a financial or personal interest in any matter coming before any FIDE body on which he has a deliberative voice or vote, the affected person shall (i) fully disclose the nature of the interest to the relevant body and (ii) withdraw from discussion, lobbying, and voting on the matter. Any transaction or vote involving a potential conflict of interest shall be approved only when the necessary majority of disinterested FIDE officials needed to approve the matter in question determine that it is in the best interest of FIDE to do so. The minutes of meetings at which such votes are taken shall record all disclosures, abstentions, rationales for approval, and votes.
8. FIDE officials may not simultaneously hold another position within the organisation that creates a conflict of interest. 
9. All income received by Presidential Board members as an arbiter or an appeals committee member from FIDE events and from a Continental Association or Continental events shall be disclosed. The Treasurer’s report will disclose the salary and benefits of the Executive Director.
10. When an elected FIDE office becomes vacant for any reason during the course of a term, the Presidential Board may make an appointment, from among its own members, to fill the office until the next ordinary elections, except for the President, elected Vice Presidents, Continental Presidents and elected Commission members. A vacancy for the position of President shall not be filled. A vacancy for the position of elected Vice President shall be filled at the next General Assembly, for a member of an elected Commission at the next General Assembly or Executive Board . In a non-election year the relevant provisions of the electoral regulations shall apply by analogy. A vacant position for Continental President shall be filled by the respective Continental Association.
11. A vacancy in the position of nominated Commission Chairman may be filled by the President.
12. A vacancy in the position of Executive Director may be filled by the President and confirmed by the next General Assembly.
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