Handbook ::  C. General Rules and Technical Recommendations for Tournaments

8.1. Calendar Administration Regulations


Approved by 2009 Executive Board
1. The Calendar Administrator (CA) will plan and update a 4-year cycle for the FIDE Calendar. He will consult the Events Commission and the Commission for World Championships & Olympiads.
2. The CA shall provide a scheduled-template for all FIDE events – with assigned month and dates. Bids to organize any FIDE event shall be based on the assigned month and dates with the possible deviation of not more than 5 days before (known as green days) and not more than 5 days after (known as green days) the stipulated period. 
3. If an organizer of a FIDE event wishes to deviate from the stipulated period by more than 5 days (green days); the organizer shall have to pay a Calendar Deviation Fee (CDF) of 500 Euros per day (after the green days) to FIDE when submitting its bid offer. This shall be waived if there is no other bid.
4. The non-refundable bidding fee must be included when submitting bids. Upon a successful bid for a FIDE event, the organizer shall pay the required deposit fee within 2 months of the decision had been announced. If this is not done, FIDE reserves the right to annul the bid and to re-open the bidding. The World Championship Cycle and Chess Olympiad shall be exempted from this rule.
5. Once a FIDE event is awarded, the organizer may deviate from its original dates by not more than 2 days (known as orange days). Otherwise the organizer shall be penalized with a Calendar Change Fee (CCF) of 2,000 Euros per day after deducting the orange days. If CCF is not paid within 6 months before the original start date, FIDE reserves the right to re-open the bidding for the event.
6. An organizer who is required to pay a penalty (CDF/CCF) may appeal to the Events Commission. Following the recommendation of the Events Commission, the Presidential Board shall make the final decision.
7. The Calendar shall include all FIDE and Continental events. Major invitational tournaments and major international opens may also be included on the request of the relevant organizers.
8. All Continental Presidents shall plan their events on the basis that their events do not clash with major FIDE events. The Presidential Board reserves the right not to recognize events which clash with FIDE events.
9. All National Federations and major Organizers should plan their events on the basis that their events do not clash with major FIDE and/or Continental events. The Presidential Board reserves the right not to recognize events which clash with FIDE events.
10. An event shall be listed on the Calendar provided sufficient information (such as dates & venue) has been received by the CA at an appropriate time before the start of the event. In addition, official invitations and the announcements of relevant details must be distributed and made available at an appropriate time (normally at least 4 months) before the start of an event.
11. These Regulations shall be in force with effect for events to be opened for bidding after the Krakow Presidential Board 2009. Subsequently, these Regulations may be changed by the Presidential Board and take effect 3 months after such decisions are taken.
12. Wherever necessary, the Presidential Board reserves the right to make exceptions to these Regulations. FIDE shall endeavour that these and the Annual Calendar Planner be observed strictly and that the Calendar Administrator is authorized to recommend and/or implement changes whenever necessary.
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