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Saturday, 25 May 2019 08:41
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First Saturday tournaments in Budapest

Om Kharola

First Saturday is a monthly chess event that has been held in Budapest, Hungary since 1992 (it is a 27 years tradition already!). The event begins on the first Saturday of every month (except January) and it is organized by IO Laszlo Nagy.

These tournaments provide players with an opportunity to test their skills and achieve title norms. The likes of Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Emil Sutovsky, Teimour Radjabov, Hikaru Nakamura, Peter Leko and many others from all over the world have taken part in these events.

A new generation of young players are taking part in them nowadays, but the main attractive of the events remains the same: they run monthly and guarantee the necessary quota of international rated and titled players required by FIDE to obtain ratings, and title norms.

As usually, the tournaments started on the first Saturday of May and finished on May 14.

Om Kharola from India made his maiden IM-norm in the GM group. He scored 5/9, won 30 elo points and finished the tournament in third place.

First Saturday GM May 2019

Om’s impressive performance at First Saturday GM May 2019.

IM KS Raghunandans IND

Raghunandan’s incredible 15-move win against an experienced Grandmaster Master gave the Indian IM the Champion title of First Saturday GM tournament. GM Kosic Dragan from Montenegro was second, with 5,5/9.


In the IM group, the first and second places were taken by Serbian players GM Ilincic Zlatko (undefeated) and IM Farkas Tibor respectively.


13-years-old WCM Vishwa Vasnawala (IND) made her maiden WIM-norm in First Saturday IM-group. She scored 4,5/9 and won 124 elo points.

FM group

In the FM group AIM Szalay Ocsak Bank from Hungary scored 8/9 to become the champion.


AIM Szalay Ocsak Bank

In the tournament played under the Nadassy system - which is a typical event of First Saturday -, the Indian 15-year-girl Jain Nityata showed the best result amongst the B-group players.

Jain Nityata wa

“B Teams Lower Elo” seems to have a much better coordination to beat “A Team Higher Elo”! Chubakov Sultan (KGZ) was the best scorer in his team.

group photo

The traditional group photo.

Next “First Saturday” events in Budapest:
1-11 June
6-16 July
3-13 August
7-17 Sept
5-15 Oct, etc.  
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