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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 11:22

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Q1PB-2019/01 To approve the principle of reduction of FIDE fees.

Q1PB-2019/02 To approve the signing of the Liability Insurance contract for PB members.

Q1PB-2019/03 To approve Baku as the possible organizer of the next Presidential Board.

Q1PB-2019/04 To approve the recommendation for the organization for an Extraordinary GA in October 2019.

Q1PB-2019/05 To approve a representative of each continent to join the Task Force on the Reform of the FIDE Statutes and FIDE Handbook.

Q1PB-2019/06 To approve QC to deal with the transfers of players and to review transfer of players regulations.

Q1PB-2019/07 To approve that FIDE keeps using Swiss Accounting Standard as recommended by E&Y and order the management to disclose more information related to the management activities.

Q1PB-2019/08 To approve a panel to deal with the financial support to Seniors players and former FIDE Officers. The panel will include Jan Rooze (BEL), Emil Sutovsky (ISR), Mikhail Krasenkow (POL), Willy Iclicki (LIE), Anastasia Sorokina (BLR) and Tahar Batikh (TUN).

Q1PB-2019/09 To acknowledge the FIDE President’s decision to finance training and seminars for arbiters, especially for those from Asia and Africa, as well as for female arbiters, from the general Development fund.

Q1PB-2019/10 To approve the application of St. Lucia Chess Federation and Guinea Equatorial Chess Federation and to grant them the statute of provisional members of FIDE.

Q1PB-2019/11 To acknowledge the FIDE President’s decision to create a centralized IT infrastructure within FIDE and to develop a “one-window” system of funding for online activities.

Q1PB-2019/12 To acknowledge the FIDE President’s decision to create a procurement department and to make the Secretary of the Management Board Vadim Tsypin (CAN) responsible for procurement issues within FIDE.

Q1PB-2019/13 To approve the members of the Fair Play Commission.

Q1PB-2019/14 To agree that Arbiter's Commission will set up the criteria and will provide a list of arbiters from which the appointments are to be made. However, the decision about the appointment for the events are to be made by GSC.

Q1PB-2019/15 To approve the selection of arbiters for the FIDE World Championship event by the Arbiters’ Commission based on the Commission’s guidelines based on chess knowledge, geographical location, gender and age and representation of all Continents.

Q1PB-2019/16 To approve the signing of the Continental Development Project Contract with the four continents.

Q1PB-2019/17 To approve the regulations for the 2020 World Chess Championship Candidate Tournament. Also to set a recommended prize fund of 2 Mln Euro for the Title Match.

Q1PB-2019/18 To approve GSC proposal to ban draws by mutual agreement before move 40 in Candidates and World Championship Matches starting 2020.

Q1PB-2019/19 To approve GSC proposal in regards to the tie-break criteria for the Swiss-system events of the World Championship Cycle.

Q1PB-2019/20 To confirm that Spain keeps the right to organize the 2019 World Blitz and Rapid Youth Championship.

Q1PB-2019/21 To grant an organizing committee led by John Lluton the right to hold the 2019 World Inclusive Cadet and Youth Chess Championship as a pilot project in Cardiff, Wales.

Q1PB-2019/22 To ask the DIS commission Chairman and Secretary to join the Cardiff organizing committee and to provide necessary guidance so that the 2019 World Inclusive Championship could be expanded to a larger event that would include adults.

Q1PB-2019/23 To ask FIDE VP Akaki Iashvili and the DIS Commission to prepare regulations for the World Inclusive Junior and Adult Chess Championship.

Q1PB-2019/24 To approve the titles proposed by the QC, ARB, TRG and EVE commissions.

Q1PB-2019/25 To confirm the new Addendum to the Agreement with World Chess., approved by absentee voting in January 2019.

Q1PB-2019/26 To approve the concept of the yearly FIDE Awards to be presented during a FIDE Gala.

Q1PB-2019/27 To approve the composition of a permanent panel that would determine the exact categories, format and dates for the FIDE Awards. The panel is formed as follows: Mohd al-Mudahka (QAT) – Chairman, Berik Balgabaev (KAZ), Vadim Tsypin (CAN), Jacob Aagaard (SCO), Eva Repkova (SVK).

Q1PB-2019/28 To appoint FIDE Vice-President Mahir Mammedov (AZE) a Chairman for the Commission that would award the Fair Play S. Gligoric Trophy and to ask Mr. Mammedov to recruit two more members of the commission, including at least one woman.

Q1PB-2019/29 To let the President to create a panel to nominate the FIDE Honorary Members and other Honorary titles.

Q1PB-2019/30 To consult a Fischer Random Chess expert panel including Eugene Torre (PHI), Nigel Short (ENG), Gunnar Bjornsson (ISL), Berik Balgabaev (KAZ) and Jeroen Van den Berg (NED) to propose in the next two weeks recommendations and guidelines for the 2019 Fischer Random World Chess Championship.

Q1PB-2019/31 To approve the inclusion in the FIDE Handbook "A quota of 25% of women shall be reserved for the following positions: arbiters in the official FIDE events, principals in the official FIDE events, appointed FIDE officials, FIDE commission members".

Q1PB-2019/32 To approve the African continental report and the creation of the zone 4.5 with further ratification by GA.

Q1PB-2019/33 To approve the idea to preserve the good image of our game endorsing the proposal regarding the dress-code. A panel including Anastasia Sorokina (BLR), Emil Sutovsky (ISR) and David Llada (ESP) will report with recommendations to the next PB.

Q1PB-2019/34 To send an inspection team to Ugra in May 2019 in order to assess how Khanty-Mansiysk prepares for the 2020 Olympiad. The team shall be led by the official 2020 liaison and shall include at least one more Management Board member.

Q1PB-2019/35 To approve the regulations on the honorary chairmen of the commissions and President's assistants.


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