Judit Polgar partners with ChessKid in a quest for a new Guinness World Record Print
Friday, 30 August 2019 03:39
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FIDE Vice President Judit Polgar has teamed up with ChessKid in an attempt to set the Guinness World Record for "Largest Online Chess Tournament". Even though there is no record officially set, Guinness has required that at least 20,000 kids participate for the record to count.

Here's the full announcement of the tournament's structure, prizes, and some rules. In order to have the best chance to break the record, Guinness has allowed ChesKid to have many "qualifiers" from Sept. 1 to Oct. 12. Any kid competing in any single qualifier "counts" toward the total. A child can play in as many as he/she wants.

Four daily qualifiers will be at 5 pm in these time zones: Eastern Australia, Central Europe, Eastern U.S., Pacific U.S. They will each be 5 games of 5-minutes each so the qualifiers will last about one hour. If a child finishes in the top 20 in any qualifier, then they qualify for the finals on Oct. 19, which will be commentated on by Mike Klein of Chess.com, and Judit Polgar herself.

Kids that complete one qualifier event will also receive some benefits from ChessKid, like one free month of gold membership if they are basic members, 100 extra stars in their account, limited edition ChessKid wallpaper, and of course the signed certificate by Judit Polgar and Mike Klein. The final "last chance" qualifiers on Oct. 12 will also be in conjunction with Judit's "Global Chess Festival."

Please check the official announcement for more information on how to join and be a part of this World Guinness Record:


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