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Sunday, 25 August 2019 10:27
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Lausanne, August 24th, 2019.-

The International Chess Federation confirms that we are investigating an incident involving the player Maria Gevorgyan. She is a Woman International Master and a three-time Armenian Women Chess Champion.

According to the player, she was invited to the Buruciye International Chess Tournament in Sivas (Turkey), and her travel arrangements had already been made. But in her complaint, Gevorgyan claims that the invitation was withdrawn on the grounds of her nationality.

As it is customary in these cases, FIDE initiated an inquiry ex-officio as soon as this incident came to our knowledge, and a formal complaint was received shortly after from the Armenian Chess Federation. We will ensure that this situation is promptly investigated, and we will hear the explanations from all the parties involved.

FIDE was founded under the motto "Gens Una Sumus": we are one family. Discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity or nationality goes not only against FIDE policy but also against the most basic sportive principles, and will not be tolerated. If the investigation confirms that the player's rights have been violated, or she has been discriminated by her nationality, the most strict measures will be taken in accordance with the FIDE Statute.
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